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   Quanzhou Tengyuan Textile Co.Ltd.is located in Quanzhou of Fujian Pro-vince ,which is known as China's garment industrial base.Tengyuan is integrated with weaving manufacturing, fabric research  and development ,lamination pro-cessing ,as well as domestic and foreign trading.Our company which is trading oriented,also pays great attention to new products' development.With years of managing experience and modern scientific ideas'we have developed into a moder-nized textile company.                                                         

   Since being established,we have always been persisting in the brand managing concept of “Quality, Innovation, Efficiency”.We keep on developing new pro-ducts.Focusing on outdoor functional fabric development,we have successfully launched several outdoor functional fabric series,such as waterproof windproof and breathable series, hygroscopic quickdrying series, antiseptic antibiotic series , antistatic series and anti-ultraviolet ray series . Our products which have  been  adopted  by  many  well-known outdoor garment brands are exported to the USA , EU and countries in   Southeast Asia.

   The aim of our company is to provide first-class garment fabric and high-efficiency service. We will always keep developing and forging ahead in garment fabric field. 


QuanZhou Tengyuan Textiles & Garments Co.,Ltd.                               
Tel:(86) 0595-28006556 28006776  28006996
Fax:(86) 0595-28009229              

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